RAL-Color tables:

Given the color-dependant different material prices, availability and order frequency the RAL-colors have been divided into 3 different price groups (Price group 1 means standard colors so it´s the most inexpensive one). In order to facilitate it for you to assign the associated RAL color the price group you find here a tabular listing of the RAL numbers with marking of the appropriate price group. You can compare "your choices" by "adding" on the right side.

Order information

Customers who need a clear, color-related item number for their order can generate this number themselves as follows:
replace .../PG1 or .../PG2 by the color number according to RAL.
You would like to order the housing GH02KS097/010 in the color RAL 5018.
The item number you get is: GH02KS097/0105018 (prices are based on price group PG2)
Price information can be found in the respective price list, depending on the color classification in the respective price group.
The standard varnishs are UV-resistant/weather-proof only to a limited degree. Please ask for weather-proof varnishs separately, depending on the field of application.

Show price groups:

Color impressionCodeGermanEnglishFrançaisPrice group
RAL 1000GrünbeigeGreen beigeBeige vertPrice group 2
RAL 1001BeigeBeigeBeigePrice group 2
RAL 1002SandgelbSand yellowJaune sablePrice group 2
RAL 1003SignalgelbSignal yellowJaune de sécuritéPrice group 2
RAL 1004GoldgelbGolden yellowJaune orPrice group 2
RAL 1005HoniggelbHoney yellowJaune mielPrice group 2
RAL 1006MaisgelbMaize yellowJaune maïsPrice group 2
RAL 1007NarzissengelbDaffodil yellowJaune narcissePrice group 2
RAL 1011BraunbeigeBrown beigeBeige brunPrice group 2
RAL 1012ZitronengelbLemon yellowJaune citronPrice group 2
RAL 1013PerlweißOyster whiteBlanc perléPrice group 1
RAL 1014ElfenbeinIvoryIvoirePrice group 2
RAL 1015HellelfenbeinLight ivoryIvoire clairPrice group 1
RAL 1016SchwefelgelbSulfur yellowJaune soufrePrice group 2
RAL 1017SafrangelbSaffron yellowJaune safranPrice group 2
RAL 1018ZinkgelbZinc yellowJaune zincPrice group 2
RAL 1019GraubeigeGrey beigeBeige grisPrice group 2
RAL 1020OlivgelbOlive yellowJaune olivePrice group 2
RAL 1021RapsgelbRape yellowJaune colzaPrice group 2
RAL 1023VerkehrsgelbTraffic yellowJaune signalisationPrice group 2
RAL 1024OckergelbOchre yellowJaune ocrePrice group 2
RAL 1026LeuchtgelbLuminous yellowJaune brillantPrice group 3
RAL 1027CurrygelbCurryJaune curryPrice group 2
RAL 1028MelonengelbMelon yellowJaune melonPrice group 2
RAL 1032GinstergelbBroom yellowJaune genêtPrice group 2
RAL 1033DahliengelbDahlia yellowJaune dahliaPrice group 2
RAL 1034PastellgelbPastel yellowJaune pastelPrice group 2
RAL 1035PerlbeigePearl beigeBeige nacréPrice group 3
RAL 1036PerlgoldPearl goldOr nacréPrice group 3
RAL 1037SonnengelbSun yellowJaune soleilPrice group 2
RAL 2000GelborangeYellow orangeOrangé jaunePrice group 2
RAL 2001RotorangeRed orangeOrangé rougePrice group 2
RAL 2002BlutorangeVermilionOrangé sangPrice group 2
RAL 2003PastellorangePastel orangeOrangé pastelPrice group 2
RAL 2004ReinorangePure orangeOrangé purPrice group 2
RAL 2005LeuchtorangeLuminous orangeOrangé brillantPrice group 3
RAL 2007LeuchthellorangeLuminous bright orangeOrangé clair rillantPrice group 3
RAL 2008HellrotorangeBright red orangeOrangé rouge clairPrice group 2
RAL 2009VerkehrsorangeTraffic orangeOrangé signalisationPrice group 2
RAL 2010SignalorangeSignal orangeOrangé de sécuritéPrice group 2
RAL 2011TieforangeDeep orangeOrangé foncéPrice group 2
RAL 2012LachsorangeSalmon rangeOrangé saumonPrice group 2
RAL 2013PerlorangePearl orangeOrangé nacréPrice group 3
RAL 3000FeuerrotFlame redRouge feuPrice group 2
RAL 3001SignalrotSignal redRouge de sécuritéPrice group 2
RAL 3002KarminrotCarmine redRouge carminPrice group 2
RAL 3003RubinrotRuby redRouge rubisPrice group 2
RAL 3004PurpurrotPurple redRouge pourprePrice group 2
RAL 3005WeinrotWine redRouge vinPrice group 2
RAL 3007SchwarzrotBlack redRouge noirPrice group 2
RAL 3009OxidrotOxide redRouge oxydePrice group 2
RAL 3011BraunrotBrown redRouge brunPrice group 2
RAL 3012BeigerotBeige redRouge beigePrice group 2
RAL 3013TomatenrotTomato redRouge tomatePrice group 2
RAL 3014AltrosaAntique pinkVieux rosePrice group 2
RAL 3015HellrosaLight pinkRose clairPrice group 2
RAL 3016KorallenrotCoral redRouge corailPrice group 2
RAL 3017RoséRoseRoséPrice group 2
RAL 3018ErdbeerrotStrawberry redRouge fraisePrice group 2
RAL 3020VerkehrsrotTraffic redRouge signalisationPrice group 2
RAL 3022LachsrotSalmon pinkRouge saumonPrice group 2
RAL 3024LeuchtrotLuminous redRouge brillantPrice group 3
RAL 3026LeuchthellrotLuminous bright redRouge clair brillantPrice group 3
RAL 3027HimbeerrotRaspberry redRouge framboisePrice group 2
RAL 3028ReinrotPure redRouge puroPrice group 2
RAL 3031OrientrotOrient redRouge orientalPrice group 2
RAL 3032PerlrubinrotPearl ruby redRouge rubis nacréPrice group 3
RAL 3033PerlrosaPearl pinkRose nacréPrice group 3
RAL 4001RotlilaRed lilacLilas rougePrice group 2
RAL 4002RotviolettRed violetViolet rougePrice group 2
RAL 4003ErikaviolettHeather violetViolet bruyèrePrice group 2
RAL 4004BordeauxviolettClaret violetViolet bordeauxPrice group 2
RAL 4005BlaulilaBlue lilacLilas bleuPrice group 2
RAL 4006VerkehrspurpurTraffic purplePourpre signalisationPrice group 2
RAL 4007PurpurviolettPurple violetViolet pourprePrice group 2
RAL 4008SignalviolettSignal violetViolet de sécuritéPrice group 2
RAL 4009PastellviolettPastel violetViolet pastelPrice group 2
RAL 4010TelemagentaTelemagentaTelemagentaPrice group 2
RAL 4011PerlviolettPearl violetViolet nacréPrice group 3
RAL 4012PerlbrombeerPearl black berryMûre nacréPrice group 3
RAL 5000ViolettblauViolet blueBleu violetPrice group 2
RAL 5001GrünblauGreen blueBleu vertPrice group 2
RAL 5002UltramarinblauUltramarine blueBleu outremerPrice group 2
RAL 5003SaphirblauSaphire blueBleu saphirPrice group 2
RAL 5004SchwarzblauBlack blueBleu noirPrice group 2
RAL 5005SignalblauSignal blueBleu de sécuritéPrice group 2
RAL 5007BrillantblauBrillant blueBleu brillantPrice group 2
RAL 5008GraublauGrey blueBleu grisPrice group 2
RAL 5009AzurblauAzure blueBleu azurPrice group 2
RAL 5010EnzianblauGentian blueBleu gentianePrice group 2
RAL 5011StahlblauSteel blueBleu acierPrice group 2
RAL 5012LichtblauLight blueBleu clairPrice group 2
RAL 5013KobaltblauCobalt blueBleu cobaltPrice group 2
RAL 5014TaubenblauPigeon blueBleu pigeonPrice group 2
RAL 5015HimmelblauSky blueBleu cielPrice group 2
RAL 5017VerkehrsblauTraffic blueBleu signalisationPrice group 2
RAL 5018TürkisblauTurquoise blueBleu turquoisePrice group 2
RAL 5019CapriblauCapri blueBleu capriPrice group 2
RAL 5020OzeanblauOcean blueBleu océanPrice group 2
RAL 5021WasserblauWater blueBleu d?eauPrice group 2
RAL 5022NachtblauNight blueBleu nocturnePrice group 2
RAL 5023FernblauDistant blueBleu distantPrice group 2
RAL 5024PastellblauPastel blueBleu pastelPrice group 2
RAL 5025PerlenzianPearl gentian blueGentiane nacréPrice group 3
RAL 5026PerlnachtblauPearl night blueBleu nuit nacréPrice group 3
RAL 6000PatinagrünPatina greenVert patinePrice group 2
RAL 6001SmaragdgrünEmerald greenVert émeraudePrice group 2
RAL 6002LaubgrünLeaf greenVert feuillagePrice group 2
RAL 6003OlivgrünOlive greenVert olivePrice group 2
RAL 6004BlaugrünBlue greenVert bleuPrice group 2
RAL 6005MoosgrünMoss greenVert moussePrice group 2
RAL 6006GrauolivGrey oliveOlive grisPrice group 2
RAL 6007FlaschengrünBottle greenVert bouteillePrice group 2
RAL 6008BraungrünBrown greenVert brunPrice group 2
RAL 6009TannengrünFir greenVert sapinPrice group 2
RAL 6010GrasgrünGrass greenVert herbePrice group 2
RAL 6011ResedagrünReseda greenVert résédaPrice group 2
RAL 6012SchwarzgrünBlack greenVert noirPrice group 2
RAL 6013SchilfgrünReed greenVert joncPrice group 2
RAL 6014GelbolivYellow oliveOlive jaunePrice group 2
RAL 6015SchwarzolivBlack oliveOlive noirPrice group 2
RAL 6016TürkisgrünTurquoise greenVert turquoisePrice group 2
RAL 6017MaigrünMay greenVert maiPrice group 2
RAL 6018GelbgrünYellow greenVert jaunePrice group 2
RAL 6019WeißgrünPastel greenVert blancPrice group 2
RAL 6020ChromoxidgrünChrome greenVert oxyde chromiquePrice group 2
RAL 6021BlassgrünPale greenVert pâlePrice group 2
RAL 6022BraunolivOlive drabOlive brunPrice group 2
RAL 6024VerkehrsgrünTraffic greenVert signalisationPrice group 2
RAL 6025FarngrünFern greenVert fougèrePrice group 2
RAL 6026OpalgrünOpal greenVert opalePrice group 2
RAL 6027LichtgrünLight greenVert clairPrice group 2
RAL 6028KieferngrünPine greenVert pinPrice group 2
RAL 6029MinzgrünMint greenVert menthePrice group 2
RAL 6032SignalgrünSignal greenVert de sécuritéPrice group 2
RAL 6033MinttürkisMint turquoiseTurquoise menthePrice group 2
RAL 6034PastelltürkisPastel turquoiseTurquoise pastelPrice group 2
RAL 6035PerlgrünPearl greenVert nacréPrice group 3
RAL 6036PerlopalgrünPearl opal greenVert opal nacréPrice group 3
RAL 6037ReingrünPure greenVert purPrice group 2
RAL 6038LeuchtgrünLuminous greenVert brillantPrice group 2
RAL 7000FehgrauSquirrel greyGris petit-grisPrice group 2
RAL 7001SilbergrauSilver greyGris argentPrice group 1
RAL 7002OlivgrauOlive greyGris olivePrice group 2
RAL 7003MoosgrauMoss greyGris moussePrice group 2
RAL 7004SignalgrauSignal greyGris de sécuritéPrice group 1
RAL 7005MausgrauMouse greyGris sourisPrice group 2
RAL 7006BeigegrauBeige greyGris beigePrice group 2
RAL 7008KhakigrauKhaki greyGris kakiPrice group 2
RAL 7009GrüngrauGreen greyGris vertPrice group 2
RAL 7010ZeltgrauTarpaulin greyGris tentePrice group 2
RAL 7011EisengrauIron greyGris ferPrice group 2
RAL 7012BasaltgrauBasalt greyGris basaltePrice group 2
RAL 7013BraungrauBrown greyGris brunPrice group 2
RAL 7015SchiefergrauSlate greyGris ardoisePrice group 1
RAL 7016AnthrazitgrauAnthracite greyGris anthracitePrice group 2
RAL 7021SchwarzgrauBlack greyGris noirPrice group 2
RAL 7022UmbragrauUmbra greyGris terre d?ombrePrice group 2
RAL 7023BetongrauConcrete greyGris bétonPrice group 2
RAL 7024GraphitgrauGraphite greyGris graphitePrice group 2
RAL 7026GranitgrauGranite greyGris granitPrice group 2
RAL 7030SteingrauStone greyGris pierrePrice group 2
RAL 7031BlaugrauBlue greyGris bleuPrice group 2
RAL 7032KieselgrauPebble greyGris silexPrice group 1
RAL 7033ZementgrauCement greyGris cimentPrice group 2
RAL 7034GelbgrauYellow greyGris jaunePrice group 2
RAL 7035LichtgrauLight greyGris clairPrice group 1
RAL 7036PlatingrauPlatinum greyGris platinePrice group 2
RAL 7037StaubgrauDusty greyGris poussièrePrice group 2
RAL 7038AchatgrauAgate greyGris agatePrice group 2
RAL 7039QuarzgrauQuartz greyGris quartzPrice group 2
RAL 7040FenstergrauWindow greyGris fenêtrePrice group 2
RAL 7042Verkehrsgrau ATraffic grey AGris signalisation APrice group 2
RAL 7043Verkehrsgrau BTraffic grey BGris signalisation BPrice group 2
RAL 7044SeidengrauSilk greyGris soiePrice group 2
RAL 7045Telegrau 1Telegrey 1Telegris 1Price group 2
RAL 7046Telegrau 2Telegrey 2Telegris 2Price group 2
RAL 7047Telegrau 4Telegrey 4Telegris 4Price group 2
RAL 7048PerlmausgrauPearl mouse greyGris souris nacréPrice group 3
RAL 8000GrünbraunGreen brownBrun vertPrice group 2
RAL 8001OckerbraunOchre brownBrun terre de SiennePrice group 2
RAL 8002SignalbraunSignal brownBrun de sécuritéPrice group 2
RAL 8003LehmbraunClay brownBrun argilePrice group 2
RAL 8004KupferbraunCopper brownBrun cuivréPrice group 2
RAL 8007RehbraunFawn brownBrun fauvePrice group 2
RAL 8008OlivbraunOlive brownBrun olivePrice group 2
RAL 8011NussbraunNut brownBrun noisettePrice group 2
RAL 8012RotbraunRed brownBrun rougePrice group 2
RAL 8014SepiabraunSepia brownBrun sépiaPrice group 2
RAL 8015KastanienbraunChestnut brownMarronPrice group 2
RAL 8016MahagonibraunMahogany brownBrun acajouPrice group 2
RAL 8017Schokoladen- braunChocolate brownBrun chocolatPrice group 2
RAL 8019GraubraunGrey brownBrun grisPrice group 2
RAL 8022SchwarzbraunBlack brownBrun noirPrice group 2
RAL 8023OrangebraunOrange brownBrun orangéPrice group 2
RAL 8024BeigebraunBeige brownBrun beigePrice group 2
RAL 8025BlassbraunPale brownBrun pâlePrice group 2
RAL 8027LederbraunLeather browncuir brunPrice group 2
RAL 8028TerrabraunTerra brownBrun terrePrice group 2
RAL 8029PerlkupferPearl copperCuivre nacréPrice group 3
RAL 9001CremeweißCreamBlanc crèmePrice group 2
RAL 9002GrauweißGrey whiteBlanc grisPrice group 1
RAL 9003SignalweißSignal whiteBlanc de sécuritéPrice group 2
RAL 9004SignalschwarzSignal blackNoir de sécuritéPrice group 2
RAL 9005TiefschwarzJet blackNoir foncéPrice group 1
RAL 9006WeißaluminiumWhite aluminiumAluminium blancPrice group 3
RAL 9007GraualuminiumGrey aluminiumAluminium grisPrice group 3
RAL 9010ReinweißPure whiteBlanc purPrice group 2
RAL 9011GraphitschwarzGraphite blackNoir graphitePrice group 2
RAL 9016VerkehrsweißTraffic whiteBlanc signalisationPrice group 2
RAL 9017Verkehrs- schwarzTraffic blackNoir signalisationPrice group 2
RAL 9018PapyrusweißPapyrus whiteBlanc papyrusPrice group 2
RAL 9022PerlhellgrauPearl light greyGris clair nacréPrice group 3
RAL 9023PerldunkelgrauPearl dark greyGris fonçé nacréPrice group 3
The colors shown here are for guidance only. Binding color values can not be achieved due to various and non-calibrated output devices (Monitor, printer, etc.).