Version: bendings 45°, front plate countersunk, with 4 screws in front- and back plate

length x width
surface enclosure height
2.36 inch 3.15 inch 3.94 inch 4.72 inch
3.15 x 3.94 inch raw BL014515A205 BL014515A210 BL014515A215 BL014515A220
RAL PG1 BL014515A205-PG1 BL014515A210/PG1 BL014515A215/PG1 BL014515A220/PG1
RAL PG2 BL014515A205/PG2 BL014515A210/PG2 BL014515A215/PG2 BL014515A220/PG2
RAL PG3 BL014515A205/PG3 BL014515A210/PG3 BL014515A215/PG3 BL014515A220/PG3
6.3 x 3.94 inch raw BL014515A225 BL014515A230 BL014515A235 BL014515A240
RAL PG1 BL014515A225/PG1 BL014515A230/PG1 BL014515A235/PG1 BL014515A240/PG1
RAL PG2 BL014515A225/PG2 BL014515A230/PG2 BL014515A235/PG2 BL014515A240/PG2
RAL PG3 BL014515A225/PG3 BL014515A230/PG3 BL014515A235/PG3 BL014515A240/PG3
6.3 x 7.87 inch raw BL014515A245 BL014515A230/PG3 BL014515A255 BL014515A260
RAL PG1 BL014515A245/PG1 BL014515A250/PG1 BL014515A255/PG1 BL014515A260/PG1
RAL PG2 BL014515A245/PG2 BL014515A250/PG2 BL014515A255/PG2 BL014515A260/PG2
RAL PG3 BL014515A245/PG3 BL014515A250/PG3 BL014515A255/PG3 BL014515A260/PG3