Version: bendings 90°, front plate countersunk, with 2 screws in front- and back plate

length x width
surface enclosure height
2.36 inch 3.15 inch 3.94 inch 4.72 inch
3.15 x 3.94 inch raw BL019015A105 BL019015A110 BL019015A115 BL019015A120
RAL PG1 BL019015A105-PG1 BL019015A110/PG1 BL019015A115/PG1 BL019015A120/PG1
RAL PG2 BL019015A105/PG2 BL019015A110/PG2 BL019015A115/PG2 BL019015A120/PG2
RAL PG3 BL019015A105/PG3 BL019015A110/PG3 BL019015A115/PG3 BL019015A120/PG3
6.3 x 3.94 inch raw BL019015A125 BL019015A130 BL019015A135 BL019015A140
RAL PG1 BL019015A125/PG1 BL019015A130/PG1 BL019015A135/PG1 BL019015A140/PG1
RAL PG2 BL019015A125/PG2 BL019015A130/PG2 BL019015A135/PG2 BL019015A140/PG2
RAL PG3 BL019015A125/PG3 BL019015A130/PG3 BL019015A135/PG3 BL019015A140/PG3
6.3 x 7.87 inch raw BL019015A145 BL019015A150 BL019015A155 BL019015A160
RAL PG1 BL019015A145/PG1 BL019015A150/PG1 BL019015A155/PG1 BL019015A160/PG1
RAL PG2 BL019015A145/PG2 BL019015A150/PG2 BL019015A155/PG2 BL019015A160/PG2
RAL PG3 BL019015A145/PG3 BL019015A150/PG3 BL019015A155/PG3 BL019015A160/PG3